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Our Services

Venturis is a leading Information Technology provider to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, Department of Defense, and Commercial Enterprises across the nation. We have a passion for people and technology. As a result of our people-centric philosophy, we know that staff retention plays a key role in satisfying the needs of our clients. That is why we place special emphasis on selecting, retaining and continuously educating our employees.


Venturis provides application development and maintenance support to enhance the scalability, performance, and portability of mission-critical systems with your specific business requirements in mind.


Venturis is ready to defend your networks and is experienced in Cyber Security, Information Assurance, and Regulatory Compliance.  We have the capability to help you address multiple governance frameworks.


Venturis eDiscovery services can help manage and augment your eDiscovery program.  We can provide single resources and full teams to help address your requirements on short- and long-term projects.


Venturis infrastructure services are custom tailored to your business, security, performance, and governance requirements. Our certified technology experts can help solve your toughest problems.

Back Office Support

Venturis provides a range of back office support services including: staffing, accounting, human resources, information technology, business development, and proposal support. We can provide staff augmentation and surge support.

Office Space

Venturis provides a range of office space options for short- and long-term needs in the DC Metro area.

A Few Fun Facts

  • Around 100 billion e-mails traverse the Internet every day, and about 95% of those messages go straight to spam folders.

  • About 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

  • About 500 new mobile games appear on the Apple App Store each day.

  • About 4 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone, but only 3.5 billion people own a toothbrush.

  • The annual amount of electricity it takes for Google to handle a billion search queries every day is around 15 billion kWh, which is more than most countries consume.

The Venturis Way

Market-Specific Expertise

You’ll be matched with certified IT professionals who understand the complexities of your environment, including its regulatory and specific technology requirements.

Hand-Picked Teams

Whether you’re looking for a single resource to augment your current team or an end-to-end super group, we’ll align your team with your specific set of needs.

Real Time Insights

We emphasize collaboration and transparency in all our projects. Venturis is available on-demand during your working hours.

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