Security & Compliance

It’s 3AM. Do you know where your data is?

Is it safely encrypted and residing on your well controlled and audited network share, or is it being sent, bit-by-bit, across the internet to an identity thief or a foreign government?

Did your supervisor just tell you that your staff has 90 days to attain IAT Level II certification?

Does your application work with screen readers?

If your production servers or datacenter was taken out by a storm last night, would your employees be able to access their applications and data today?

At Venturis, we believe that technology should work for you, not make you nervous.

Venturis can evaluate your network, processes, and applications for security weaknesses and compliance with government mandates. We can train your staff in security and help them achieve IAT Level II certification. We can help you make sure that no matter what happened last night, your data and applications will be available today.

Venturis has provided security and compliance services for clients such as Air Force, Navy, GSA, EPA, and HUD.

We’re ready to make technology work for you in:

  • Information Assurance
  • DoD 8570 Compliance and Training
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • DoD & Federal Enterprise Architecture